Toulouse, capital of aeronautics!

Concorde Aérothèque

The company JF-TAPIA Industrial Models is specialized in the production of unique parts of old airplanes in metal of all scales.

We study and design high quality "prestige" models, for enthusiasts, model makers, collectors or even museums!

We are a partner of the Aerothèque, Cap Avenir CONCORDE and Aéroscopia Museums.

Aéroscopia Museum


In 1988, when the Aerothèque Museum was created, our company produced a magnificent collection of airplane models at the request of Aerospatiale. These models are faithful to the presentation of the planes during their first flight.

The objective of the Museum was to present all the planes which had been designed in Toulouse and whose inaugural flight had taken place on mythical runways such as Montaudran, cradle of Aéropostale and its pioneers, Latécoère, Dewoitine, Daurat , and many others.

  • The scale chosen for this production was 1:25
  • A rich collection of 40 unique models.
  • Visit the Aérothèque website!


Marcel Dassault

In 1990, we produced models of Marcel Dassault, Mirage, Rafale, Alpha Jet, ATL, etc...

These models, made in resin and decorated by hand, are available in different versions, single-seater, two-seater, patrol.

  • The scale chosen for this production was 1:50
  • Gray marble plinth
  • Custom liveries

Airbus family collection


Our company has produced a whole collection of Airbus planes models presented during a traveling exhibition.

The aim of the exhibition was to present the different Airbus family models. All models were offered in a "stripped-down" version

  • The scale chosen for this collection was 1:100 and 1:33
  • Airbus A320, A380 & Beluga
  • Models made of resin

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