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Whether for a trade show, an exhibition or any other event, we provide several types of models for rent in different scales.
Models of Ariane 6 in version 2 and 4 boosters as well as many aircraft models

Ariane 6 Models

We offer several high quality models of the famous Ariane 6 rocket. Available in the A62 version with 2 boosters and in the A64 version with 4 boosters.

Different reduction scales are available:

  • at 1:33 scale (2 meters high)
  • at 1:20 scale (3.5 meters high)
  • at 1:10 scale (7 meters high)

Several rental options are available depending on the desired rental period and the model dimensions.

Delivery and installation of models
  • The models, depending on the dimensions, are delivered in reinforced plywood boxes on wheels, or in Forex Flight-cases, steel tube structure, padlockable closures and on wheels
  • The transport of an Ariane 62 or 64 launcher, scale 1:10, requires 4 boxes including: The fairing | The 1st floor | Boosters | Pedestal
  • The installation of the 1:10 scale models on your exhibition site will necessarily require the presence of our teams. (Assembly and disassembly)

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