Maquette Industrie

We produce all kind of technical models!

NWe produce all styles of technical models in a wide variety of fields, at any scales.

The workshop offers all types of machining: laser cutting, water jet, milling, turning, chemical engraving, painting, stamping of any materials.

ALMA Antenna Model

Thalès Alénia Space

ALMA is a large network of Millimeter Antennas installed in the Atacama Desert in Chile. This is a model of one of the 66 antennas installed at an altitude of over 5000m!

This very complex model, great realisation of technical art, is entirely made of welded brass.

  • The scale adopted was 1:20.
  • 2 models were made for Thales Alenia Space

MEGA Model

CEAT Toulouse

This is a model entirely made of aluminum of the Large Landing Test Machine (MEGA - Machine d'Essais Gros Atterrisseurs ).
Functional model: pneumatic, electronic, micro-mechanical.

Presentation of the model at the Paris Air Show (Bourget) in 1999.

  • Scale 1:20
  • Functional model
  • Total Height 2,5m